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COVID-19 Support: FR-19 Pro Package

Thermal Scanning System

Up to 98% Support under Productivity Solutions Grant & SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit*

*Subjected to Eligibility

Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Contactless and Real-Time Detection with Accuracy of up to ±0.3°C


A Bit About Us

In Thermal Scanning, we pride ourselves in providing the FASTEST, SAFEST and most ACCURATE Thermal Scanning Solutions to detect people with abnormal temperature, coupling with responsive 24/7 support island-wide.  We complete projects efficiently and on schedule, and go above and beyond to form lasting relationships with our clients.
Face Recognition Tablet | Multi-Body Thermal Scanner

Monitoring Room

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Singapore Based Specialist with in-house UX Design & Technical Support

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SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approved Solution

A.I. Face Recognition Tablet


COVID-19 Support: FR-19 Pro Series
Inclusive of Consultation, Installation & Training

  1. Contactless Automatic Thermal Scanner Licensed under HSA Class A Medical Device

  2. IP64 Rated Dust and Water Resistant

  3. Support 22400 Face Comparison Library and 100,000 Face Recognition Records

  4. Management Statistics Dashboard w Live Notification

  5. Cloud Access for Offsite Monitoring

  6. Synchronize up to 16 Devices

  7. Automatically Mask Detection

  8. Instant Abnormal Temperature Alarm

  9. Real-Time Abnormal Temperature Email Notification

  10. Safe Entry or Declaration Form QR Enabled

  11. Staff vs Visitor Segregation

  12. Access Control Enabled

  13. Customized Visitor Voice Notification
    e.g. Please Proceed to Reception

  14. Intelligent Reports (e.g. First IN Last OUT)

  15. Optional Add-Ons
    - Automatic Hand Sanitiser
    - Table, Floor Stand or Wall Mounted
    - Email & SMS Notification

A.I. Multi-Body
Thermal Scanner


Thermal C-19 Series
Inclusive of Consultation, Installation & Training

  1. Wide Angle Thermal Scanner & Camera

  2. Detect Up to 30 Bodies

  3. Secured Log-in

  4. Support 350,000 Face Recognition Records

  5. Management Dashboard

  6. Cloud Access for Offsite Monitoring

  7. Instant Abnormal Temperature Alarm

  8. X-Large Abnormal Temperature Visitor Display

  9. Mask Recognition

  10. Connectivity via LAN/IP/WiFi

  11. Intelligent Reports

  12. Optional Add-Ons

  13. - Live Attendance Monitoring

  14. - Access Control

  15. - Search Functions

  16. - Email & SMS Notification


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Our Testimonials

Delivering Assurance

The Thermal Fever Detection System works very well to enable us to scan our students (and visitors too) for their well-being as they arrive at school in the morning.  Without the need for the students to stop or pause, the system works seamlessly and smoothly.

On behalf of the school community, I would like to express our sincere and deep appreciation to you for deploying the system in the school.

Jurong Primary School

Before adopting the Thermal Camera from ED Viston, all our recordings were very manual and difficult for us to do tracking. Thermal-FR 19 system really helped in reducing manpower for temperature recording and tracing. We find it very cost savvy in long run as we do not know when this Covid-19 will end.

We are happy that this solution has kept our staff and other visitors safer.

Fleetplus Technology Pte Ltd

We have evaluated that ED Viston is responsive to queries and service response. We are now able to focus on our core business as the Thermal Camera helped in instant detection of any temperature abnormalities from customers, staff and delivery guys.

Cafe Oasis Pte Ltd

The statistics dashboard really helped us in tracing and the Dashboard is clear with important data like Total Visitors, Total Staff Checked-in, Temperature, alert cases and so on. It also reduces any need for physical contact.

Onestop Creative Associate Pte Ltd

Didn't think we would need a Thermal Camera, but after
understanding from ED Viston Pte Ltd, we chose to give it a try. This
system really helped in reducing manpower for temperature
recording and tracing. We find it very cost savvy in long run as we do
not know when this Covid-19 will end.

Techies Technology Pte Ltd


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